I am a late developer as a writer of fiction, although I Pic for WATT 2013started to write novels in my twenties.  But I was seduced by teaching English, bringing up children, having a career.  Now I am systematic in learning the art and craft of writing.

This photograph was taken by one of my daughters, who has just ordered Irish stew. I’m about to eat a plate of mackerel, straight out of the Irish sea. We sit in a small cafe at the edge of the beach, having admired the little dark waders who dart along the shoreline. In the car park a lorry sheds pallets of plastic salt, fishing nets, barrels and lobster pots; and security men watch from their car as this tiny inlet is quietly transformed into the set for ‘A Game of Thrones’.

Later, we try to take photos but are warned off. I don’t really care. We are part of the fiction.

We always are.





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